Chris RWK's Top Bands To Listen To For Summer 2024

Chris RWK's Top Bands To Listen To For Summer 2024

Music, for me, is a profoundly communal act. Whether I'm listening to music with friends, going to shows, or sitting around talking about music, it's always about the community that comes with it. So, naturally, I wanted to reach out to my community and see what they are listening to.

I reached out to my good friend Chris RWK and asked, "What are you listening to? What are some bands that people need to be listening to this summer?" This is what he sent back to me. If you don't know who Chris RWK is, do yourself a favor: search him, check out his artwork, and follow him on Instagram. He's one of the best artists coming out of New York City right now, and he’s got phenomenal taste in music.

From Chris RWK

I’ve always liked a good mix of music but definitely leaned more towards hXc. Here’s a list of some bands old and new that I think you should give a listen to. Some I can say all the records are good and some I’d say have stand out records. 

1. Combust

2. Sick of it all

3. Avail

4. Jimmy Buffet

5. Hot Water Music

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