About Mugged

Picture this: pandemic lockdown, bored out of your mind, desperately seeking a creative outlet. That's exactly where we were when we started Mugged, or as it was once known, the Mug Affair.

It all began with a gift from a friend - a sublimation printer and mug press - and the rest is history. What started as a simple way to keep our juices flowing turned into a full-blown business and Twitch sensation.

And where do we do all this magic, you ask? In our kitchen in NYC. But we're not just about the mugs anymore, oh no. We've expanded into the wild world of fashion and are looking to team up with some seriously talented artists for collaborations that'll blow your mind.

Our designs? A hodgepodge of our mixed-up, mashed-up, totally unique lifestyle. We've been a part of the punk hardcore scene, shredding on skateboards, playing in bands, owning a record label and founding streetwear brands, hosting shows, grooving with the hippies in Boulder, and spinning sick beats at raves for over a decade and a half.

So, whether you're a rebel at heart or just looking to add some edge to your style, come check out our little shop. We guarantee you'll find something that'll make you smile - and who knows, maybe even inspire your own creative journey. Cheers to that!


In a troubling statistic reported by the Children’s Music Workshop, over 1.3 million elementary school students nationwide are deprived of access to a music class. With each passing year, our public school children witness the steady erosion of arts and music programs, often facing the heartbreaking reality of program closures and the burden of organizing fundraisers to salvage what remains.

Recognizing this pressing need, Mugged steps in to lend a hand. For every mug sold, we pledge a $2 donation towards supporting arts and music in the public school system. It's a simple equation: the more mugs you purchase, the greater the impact we can make together.

Join us in championing the cause of arts education for our youth. With your support, we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of music and the arts within their educational journey.