Give the Gift of Mug.

Give the Gift of Mug.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, have you thought of your special someone? Are they not the typical “I want flowers or candy” kind of girl (or guy)? If that is not their persona, then why do we keep giving  them gifts that do not suit  their personality? Why do we force society's idea of what Valentine’s Day should be and the gifts that we need to give? I mean who actually eats that box of chocolates? I think I like about two of the candies that are inside, the rest go in the trash.

Let's be smart consumers and better partners. Let's think unconventionally. Let’s think mugs! Mugs are a fun and useful  Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

Custom Black Metal Mug.

Nothing says I love you like Black Metal in your name or nickname. (And let me tell you,that there have been some interesting names printed so far.)  That might be an idea for a contest down the road;,Most unique nickname? Fill this Mug with some of their favorite candies, (key word THEIR).

Technics Turntable Tonearm Mug.

Got a DJ in your life?  Maybe they're building their following on Twitch, so they can live stream some music, then maybe this is the mug for them. Fill this bad boy with a new needle for their record player, or some record cleaner solution. Because let's face it, you have to take care of your vinyl.

The Rad Flashback to the BMX 80’s day.

If you have a shredder that you love, then they will appreciate this throwback mug. This is an easy mug to fill. A pocket socket wrench, of a spare tube, you know they are wearing those babies down!

Painting From S.M. Ramirez

For the artist, instead of buying them the painting, let them make a painting. Inspire them with this amazing mug, fill it with some acrylics or brushes. You just might become their muse.

Sailing Paper Ships Coffee Mug

Clean simple, for the days when you feel like life is overwhelming, nothing beats a paper ship. Nostalgia, an amazing feeling, that would pair well with well, a bag of coffee. Sometimes the simple route is the best route.

Whether you usually choose to buy gifts or not, this year is different. Make it special. Make them a card, or breakfast in bed, don’t just tell them that you love them, show them, and not just on the holiday, everyday. This is the year that everyone needs a little extra.

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