Hardcore Records You Need To Play In 2024

Hardcore Records You Need To Play In 2024

Here are my top personal picks of hard-core records that demand your attention in 2024. While not all of these records are fresh arrivals, some hail from iconic bands whose names echo through the halls of music history. Yet, despite their towering stature, these records warrant a revisit for their enduring impact and timeless appeal.

Among them, you'll find gems from bands that may have remained local legends, their influence confined to intimate scenes. Yet, their contributions to the hardcore genre are immeasurable, shaping not only my musical journey but also the collective taste of hardcore enthusiasts worldwide.

So, indulge in this curated list, immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes these records paint, and let me know your thoughts. Here's to rediscovering the classics and embarking on a musical voyage that leads you to uncharted territories. May these records serve as the soundtrack to your exploration, guiding you toward new horizons in your musical odyssey. That last line was Cheese but I kept it any way. This list is in no particular order.

Zulu - A New Tomorrow

Turnstile - Glow On

Drain - Living Proof

Damnation A.D. - No More Dreams Of Happy Endings

End it - Live On Audiotree

Move - Black Radical Love

Buggin - Concrete Cowboys

Restraining order - This World Is Too Much

Current - Starvation and Grief

Muerte Buena - No reason EP

Darasuum - The Angry Brigade

411 - Complete Discography 1990-1992

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