The Bollweevils Back In Action

The Bollweevils Back In Action

Kiddos, brace yourselves, for the Bollweevils have made their triumphant return! With a brand new record called "Essential," their first proper full-length album since the monumental "Heavyweight" in '95. Chicago's punk rock faithful need no introduction to these hometown heroes, but if you've yet to discover their relentless energy, let me enlighten you.

Formed in the blistering heat of '89, the Bollweevils have left their indelible mark on the punk scene. Sharing stages with the likes of Face to Face, Schleprock, and the Voo Doo Glow Skulls, they've been part of some truly memorable nights. Their reunion in 2006, for the legendary second Riot Fest, reignited their fire, and they've been blazing a trail ever since. From Riot Fests to The Fests, they've rocked them all, even gracing the stage with the aforementioned Rise Against.

For those unacquainted with their sonic assault, prepare to be blown away. The Bollweevils' classic records have stood the test of time, offering a relentless barrage of catchy, driving '90s punk that still holds up today. But don't think they're living in the past; their new material, like the explosive "Attack Scene 7" and the incendiary 2021 single "Liniment and Toni," picks up right where they left off.

So, my friends, if you crave the adrenaline rush of infectious punk melodies and unrelenting energy, look no further. The Bollweevils have returned to claim their rightful place, and their music demands to be heard. Brace yourself for a wild ride through the annals of punk history and discover the timeless brilliance of the Bollweevils.

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